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Accomplished Senior Art Director and Design Manager with a diverse background.  As Design Supervisor, I have the ability to prioritize and manage workflow for cross-functional teams—guiding the design team to successful completion on time and within budget while supporting the brand.

I offer creative ideas and solutions to develop efficient procedures that save money and build further business. 

Just a few accolades I received:

“Janet possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge that shows in everything she does. Her creative voice is a leader in many discussions, and her sensible and classic aesthetic has time and again been the perfect solution. She takes on the role of ‘educator’ when working with her team, and she is very successful in bringing indecisive or under-informed stakeholders over to what is visually most effective for their brand.”

“Janet shows ambition, good judgment, self-confidence, and personal resilience. She supports her team and seeks out information to broaden their perspective. She is organized, has strong communication skills, technical knowledge, and is very dependable. She takes personal risks and is prepared to take a challenge and make a stand—she shows integrity and does the right thing.”

"It has truly been the greatest pleasure to work with you Janet. You’re always upbeat and fun and maintain a cool can-do attitude through thick and thin. Thank you again!” 

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